Kelas Menulis Bahasa InggrisThis is my first assignment at my class of English writing with Dr. Etin Anwar, PhD who is an Associate Professor at Hobert and Wiliam Smith Colleges, USA. I have join this program for two weeks. At the first week, Bunda Etin, she pleasantly is addressed, taught about the keys to get much benefit from this program, the first is to be an active learner and the second is being knowledge producer. Then, at the second meeting, the students were asked to practice writing about “What is the best way to write English?”, telling about our own experiences in English writing and according to this, giving opinion what the best way to write English.

Actually, I was not interested enough to write it, as usual, I feel a bit lazy to do something which is not my main focus to do. But at the time, I thought it is my opportunity to practice my English and who knows what benefit in future I will get, maybe with this practice and my active participation, I will easily get access to get Letter of Acceptance from USA Universities or other benefit.  When the class would be started in 30 minutes, I had just started to write it. Finally, this is my writing which I did in hurry….

“When I was as a college student, I got many duties from lecturers like making summaries, doing research to society’s businesses, preparing slide to do presentation, and many more. All of this had to finish quickly. At that time, I could finish them on time, but when I met the duty in which there is English literature, I could not finish it speedily. This is my main weakness. Therefore I have slow development in academic achievement. One of hard problems I ever faced concerning English is when I would write the abstract of my undergraduate thesis. It is difficult one I have ever faced. For the reason I decided taking study in English village-Pare after I had graduated. I had taken English course for six months, I learned from beginner level of grammar class. As a result I got the understanding about English grammar and knowing about how to using this language. But it is not enough to be expert one in this language. The English grammar which I have learned is useless when I never practice. In fact, I am still slow to write something in English although I have known English grammar well. Therefore my conclusion of what the best way to write English after learning English grammar is practice more and nothing the other way except practicing.”

This is comment from Bunda Etin on my writing,Dear Febri Fransiska, it took me two years to learn with native speakers to study English. I agree with you that practicing English will make it perfect. Good luck

At the second meeting, we had guest speaker, Molly Ramage. Indeed, I don’t know yet where she comes from and what college she studies at. Like the first meeting, I had same problems following this program that is internet connection. I only followed Molly’s teaching in few minutes. Hopefully, next meeting I can follow teaching fully. This is picture of Miss Molly, guest speaker in our class.
MollyWho you want to join this program can follow this steps:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Search “Kelas Menulis Bahasa Inggris” club, and
  3. Join to that club.

Note : The Class is held every friday at 8 p.m.

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